Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Ultimately the goal of our company is to use our many years of experience as fair, understanding and thorough adjusters to simplify what can at times be a complex, stressful situation.

We understand we are responsible to investigate and report to the insurers in a complete and unbiased fashion and provide recommendations.

We as a company do understand that policy holders don’t buy an insurance policy with the intent with ever making a claim and when claims do occur this can be quite traumatic and concerning. We are always going to be sympathetic, caring and understanding to that situation.

We will explain our role as independent adjusters to the policyholder or claimant and assist with the claims process to try and make this as stress free as possible.

When claims are covered losses we believe that if the insurer and policy holder are both happy with the settlement within the afforded coverages we have done our job.

We strive to close each file as quickly as possible and in the end hope that through the claims experience the insured has formed / forged a very important bond and degree of respect /loyalty with their insurers.