Our Services

Our Services


Experienced and confident with handling any size losses.

With my prior employer of 24 years I received the prestigious designation of GTS ( Global Large Loss Adjuster).

Not only can we handle large total loss fires we also have handled the oil remediation claims that sometimes result from oil tank leaks.


This represents a very broad array of claims. We are experienced and able to handle anything you can imagine from the Auto Liability, slip and fall, negligence and general liability claims.

We can meet all your needs including full handle files and small tasks.

Environmental / Oil Spill / Contamination Claims

Having worked and established ourselves in the rural setting we have had many dealings with oil spill and contamination claims. Claims handled have ranged from minor furnace oil or transport trucks fuel escapes to soil contamination resulting in the bulldozing of homes.
We’ve seen and experienced situations which are not typical to larger cities and know what is required by the local Government agencies such as the MOE,TSSA. We have a good working relationship with local experts qualified to handle these special situations.


We have had experience handling all types of claims such as Casualty, E & O , Fire dept recoveries as well as libel, defamation, contamination claims, etc.

We’ve seen and handled it all.

Self Insured

Larger clients or Municipalities etc have high deductibles and we have been entrusted with handling their below deductible claims and provide consultation as needed.

Many clients even ask us to intervene in delicate political situations by having our firm act as a outside source in order to reduce to potential of conflicts with their own staff.

We have found that as we handle claims for all the major Municipal insurers we are able to easily transition situations to reporting files as needed in a seamless fashion. This makes the claims process efficient as cost effective when needed.


Things have changed many times over the years but we’ve handled it all from the tort to now no fault days.

We started in 1980 before the No Fault systems even existed.

We can do it all including controlling large cargo losses to small task assignments ( scene investigations or statements etc)


Have always been comfortable handling SABS claims and now focussed on task assignments.


On occasion there is a need for some preliminary investigation in order to make a decision of options or directions the claim should proceed ( report or handle in house and refer to in house lawyers for advice)

We are capable of assisting your legal team with doing some field work or commenting on matters based on our prior experiences. We are familiar with our area and can sometimes give an insiders perspective of what might be expected based on local residents expectations and lifestyles ( we are not Toronto yet).

Mediation / Umpire / Arbitration / Trials Experience

We have attended mediations as not only representatives for the insurers but also as witnesses and even acting as an Umpire.

Experiences over the years included SABS and Property.  We even testified in a fraud claim on behalf of an insurer.